Ranked #22 among India’s top engineering colleges, NIE is a powerhouse of higher education, churning out the best and brightest minds in engineering and business.


Civil Engineering 

Civil Engineering was first offered as a Diploma and later, as a Bachelor’s degree in 1950. The programme has consistently maintained a high emphasis on research and provided quality value-based education. The long-list of this department’s highly-acclaimed alumni include Prof N V C Swamy, Director, IIT Chennai, and Mysuru L Nagaraja - Chief of New York Metro Transport Services.

Mechanical Engineering 

Established in 1958, this VTU-recognised Research Centre spawns innovations that become real-world solutions such as the bio-gas plant for Mysuru Zoo and hub for motor sports teams. The department has leading automation industry collaborations, and autonomously runs three cutting-edge M.Tech. programmes in Industrial Automation & Robotics, Machine Design and Nanotechnology.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

One of the first to be set up, EEE has hi-tech labs, VTU-accredited autonomy and a CoE authorised to test electrical installations in/around Mysore. Alumni include N R Narayana Murthy (Founder, Infosys), E A S Prasanna (former international cricketer), Siva Gopal Valluri (former scientist, ISRO) & Dr. K Balaraman (Director General, National Institute of Wind Energy).

Electronics & Communication Engineering 

The Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering was established in the year 1971, currently emphasizing on the study of VLSI, signal processing, nano-devices, embedded systems, IOT, and communication networks. The current challenges in these domain applications are addressed through AI and ML technologies. The department plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of students, from the development of cutting-edge electronic devices to the design of efficient communication networks ethically. Faculty of the department constantly upgrade to the latest technologies through online learning platforms, workshops, & symposium and have established the state-of-the-art laboratories. Faculty are actively engaged in both independent and collaborative research works with industry and other prominent research institutions and leading industries.

Industrial & Production Engineering 

This NBA-accredited department with the most Doctorates in its faculty drives a culture of innovation yielding solutions for a better quality of life – from CART hand pumps installed across Karnataka to an award-winning coconut d-husking machine. Industry and institutional collaborations and a dedicated Centre for Training in Advanced Technologies help advance its agenda and diversity focus.


From data analysis and problem solving to number crunching, this departments covers wide-ranging topics that help students develop skills that make them employable.


One of the oldest departments in NIE, the Department of Physics fosters a breakthrough mindset in students and provides ample enablers to help them reach new frontiers – faculty from multi- disciplines in Physics, status as a VTU-recognised Research Centre replete with research guides, and well-equipped sectionalised laboratory, among others.


This department nurtures and promotes a culture of research and innovation through a well-accomplished faculty. Industry collaborations give wings to students to create impactful real-word solutions typically oriented towards mitigating risk and monitoring infrastructure and human health for a conducive environment to live and work in.