Dr.R Yadupathi Putty


Department of Civil Engineering

Email: puttynie@gmail.com
Phone No: 9880255920
About Me: Professional Career
  • (i) Lecturer – 1985-98
  • (ii) Asst. Professor – 1998-2006
  • (iii) Professor since April, 2006
Closely involved in development of the PG (Hydraulics) programme since 1990. Research Interests: Forest and mountain Hydrology, Water resources of Karnataka

Extensively worked on field on Rainfall and runoff processes in the Western Ghats. Carried out studies on Urban tanks, river diversions, Water disputes, Micro-hydro and Landslides in  Western Ghats. Has been instrumental in setting up Experimental watersheds and a Field Hydrological Laboratory in remote areas of Kodagu. Involved many students in field research, guided two Ph.D., two M.Sc. and over 60 M.Tech. projects. Motivated even UG students to work on field and guided over 10 student projects funded by KSCST. Carried out five major externally funded projects. 

Extra Curricular: Promoted literary and cultural activities – was the Faculty advisor for the Editorial board of the college magazine, b/w 1985 and 2014.
  • B.E. (Mysore Univ.)
  • M.E. (Mys. Univ)
  • Ph.D (IISc)
KSCST Student Projects
  • Watershed Modeling for Hemavathi Catchment., 1988
  • Rainfall-Runoff Relationships for Western Ghat Catchments., 1986
  • Monthly Rainfall Analysis for Kodagu , 1989.
  • Watershed Model for Piped Catchments Using Curve Number Method’ 1996.
  • Hydrological Studies for Micro-Hydro Projects, 1995.
  • Hydrological Status of Few Tanks in and around Mysore, 2005
  • Feasibility of Diversion of Nethravathi River Using Garland Canals -2009
AICTE Project:
  • “Studies on the Return Flow in to Streams in the Visweshwariah Nala and Atchcut”- Rs. 8.5 lakhs - 2000.
NRDMS – KSCST Projects:
  • Runoff Generation in Western Ghats, 1992-95, Rs. 60,000/-
VTU Projects:
  • VTU has sanctioned a Research Project to the Department of Civil Engineering. under its Research Grant Scheme. The project titled “Strategies for protection and rejuvenation of urban tanks - A case study in Mysore”, has been provided financial assistance of Rs. 2.95 Lakhs, for two and a half years. R. Yadupathi Putty is the Principal Investigator. Sri K. C. Manjunath and Sri. Yusuf Javeed are the Co-investigators. (2009-11)
ISRO Project:
  • ISRO has sanctioned a grant of Rs. 11.25 Lakhs under its RESPOND scheme to the Department oof Civil Engineering to carry out a Research Project titled “Impact of land use /cover changes on streamflow regime – A case study in Nethravathi Basin”. R. Yadupathi Putty is the Principal Investigator (2009-12)
Ministry of Earth Science (MoES) Project :
  • Impact of LU/LC and Catchment Characteristics on Runoff and Groundwater Dynamics of Western Ghats Karnataka
  • Outstanding Reviewer – 2009 – J. Hydologic Engg., Am. Soc. Civil Engrs., US
  • Project of the year (state level): KSCST, 1989
  • Commendable project (state level): KSCST, 1996
  1. Principles of Hydrology published by IK International Publication, New Delhi in October 2010, ISBN-978-93-80578-53-8
  2. MALE’  (in Kannada). Pub. By V.T.U., Belgaum, 2003;
  3. ‘Harivu’ (in Kannada), Pub. By V.T.U., Belgaum, 2007
Journal Publications
    1. 2019 Mysuru R. Yadupathi Putty and B.M. Kavya , “The worthiness of using information on land –use lan cover in watershed models for Western Ghats: A case study”,  Journal of Earth System Science (Feb 2019)128 5 , http://doi.org/10.1007/s12040-018-1026-0.
    2. 2018 Sowmyashree B.K., Vidya V.K., Putty M.R.Y., Manjunath K.C., “A study on Dalavayi Tank in Mysuru for rehabilitation”, International Journal of Engineering Science Invention Research & development : Vol IV, Issue VIII, February 2018. www.ijesird.com, E-ISSN:2349-6185
    3. 2017 Shreyas H.C, Mysooru R. Yadupathi Putty, “Testing the performance of probability functions with long term data of extreme rainfall”, International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology,  eISSN: 2319-1163 , pISSN: 2321-7308, Vol.06, special issue :02, NSRS-2017, March 2017.
    4. 2014a Putty, M.R.Y., Tipperudrappa, N.M. and Chandramouli, P.N. (2014). Hydrological Feasibility of Gravity Diversion of the West Flowing Nethravathi in Karnataka. Jour. Earth System Science, Ind. Aca. Sc., 123(8), Dec., 2014: 1781-92 
    5. 2014 Mysooru R. Yadupathi Putty and Madhusoodhanan CG (2014). Water resources and hydrology of the Western Ghats: Their role and significance in South India. Invited art.in NNRMS Bulletin, Special issue, Dec., 2013, ISRO, Bengluru: 57 -66. 
    6. 2009a Krishne Gowda, Manjunatha, Yadupathi Putty. “Study of climate changes at Davanagere region by using climotological data”, published in National Journal of Water and Energy International (Formerly Irrigation and Power Journal), CBIP Publications. Vol.65. No. 3, July –September, 2008, pp: 66-76, published in Jan, 2009.
    7. 2009 Yadupathi Putty, Mysooru R. “A Curve Number based watershed model incorporating quick subsurface runoff, with applications in the Western Ghats, South India”.  ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, Vol. 14 (8) (2009): 876-881. 
    8. 2007b Thipperudrappa, N.M. and Putty, M.R.Y. (2007) – Rainfall variation over the last two decades a Comparison between two districts of Karnataka, ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering; Sept 2007,  Volume 13(2) ; 93-107. 
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Conference Proceedings
    1. Yadupathi Putty and Veeraiah, K.: Watershed modelling – a SSARR model based approach for Western Ghats. Proc. National Symposium on Data, Management and Modelling, Bhatkal, Nov. 1995, 14-19. 
    2. Yadupathi Putty and Ramesh N.: Flood frequency studies for Kaveri and Krishna Basins; Proc. National Symposium  HYDRO-96; Dec. ’96, IIT, Kanpur; 29-33. 
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UG Courses
  • Mechanics of fluids & fluid machinery
  • Hydrology & Water Resources Engg.
  • Engg. Mechanics
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • PG Courses
  • Surface water Hydrology
  • Open channel Hydraulics
  • Hydrological Modelling
  • Real Fluid Flows