Krupa N

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics

Phone No: 8310177542
About Me:

I am in teaching profession from past 9 years.  Having served in Ekalavya Institute of Technology for 3 years, GSSSIETW, Mysuru for a year and then later I had the opportunity of serving for NIE.  Regarding research, my area of interest is in the field of Fluid Mechanics.  I am yet to pursue my Ph.D in this area and also interested to apply this knowledge to biological systems which includes human cardiovascular system, arteries, vein and capillaries.

  • B.Sc (University of Mysore)
  •  M.Sc in Mathematics (University of Mysore)
  • Mathematics for I, II, III, IV semester BE students
  • Mathematics for Diploma students
  • Mathematics for PG- MCA students
  • Mathematics for Employed Diploma Holders (EDH)