Leadership at NIE


Sri. N. Sathyakumar
Dr. M.S. Ranganath

President's Message

Mr. Sudhanva D

It is my privilege to be associated with a great Institution like NIE. An Institution that recognizes the sacrifices and pioneering efforts of the founders, for their vision, sacrifice, and sincere dedication to NIE. We should also remember the great teachers and scholars that NIE has always been known for. They are legends in their own right. This legacy pervades and NIE continues to attract meritorious students into its fold thanks to the best in class faculty, staff and infrastructure.


The Alumni of NIE is our great pride. They have been very successful in their careers, and lives and are inspiring to the present Management, faculty, and students. We are taking steps to strengthen the alumni association and stay connected with our alumni who are one of the biggest assets of our Institution.


The Industry requirements and the talent that is currently required and will be required in the future are changing rapidly. I am aware that all the stakeholders of NIE: Life members, the Management Committee, the faculty, and all well-wishers are aware and will articulate a vision, a detailed execution plan, execute effectively to make NIE a renowned and best-in-class Institution.


My best wishes to the students of NIE. May you have a good career, and I hope NIE will be a significant contributor to your success. We also have a fond hope that as NIE alumni you will be proud of graduating from NIE. Please keep the "connect" with NIE, and do visit NIE for not only guest lectures but also bring Industry collaborations.


With the Divine blessings and the support of all of you, I am confident that NIE will grow to be among the best-in-class Institutions that students and faculty will aspire to be part of.

Thank you

Principal's Message


The National Institute of Engineering (NIE) has been at the forefront of technical education in Karnataka, through the continuous implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE), ensuring that our graduates are able to face up to the challenges demanded by the engineering profession. The system of OBE depends on a synchronous approach from all stake holders at NIE. The institute has made it a point to frequently interact with the industry, employers & parents to find avenues of education which will enrich the students’ experience at NIE.


In addition to formal curricular aspects, we have rolled out a host of extra-curricular activities, which will not only equip our graduates with problem solving skills but also make them responsive to the real needs of the society. NIE has emphasized the needs of innovation throughout its curriculum and its myriad training & extra-curricular programmes. These programmes are designed to hone the students’ skills, challenge their creativity and instil a pioneering spirit within them.


The AICTE has introduced activity points for under-graduate engineering programmes starting from the year 2018. The main objectives behind this scheme, which is mandatory for earning engineering degree, are to inculcate entrepreneurial spirit as well as social commitment among budding engineers. The students are expected to spend nearly 400 hours of quality time during the four years of engineering programme to understand and practice several activities that will provide them the required exposure. As per this scheme, a group of students would adopt a nearby village and work out solutions for providing better water management, sanitation systems, better health management, etc., for the benefit of the entire village. They are expected to apply their skills to promote entrepreneurship, create more jobs and enhance the income of the village. They would also put their heads together to work out how to improve education facility in rural areas and sensitise the local administration to make necessary improvements. I am sure this new initiative of AICTE is a game changer and will make our engineers more responsive to the needs of the communities, which will solve many of the pressing problems facing the Nation quite effectively.

Going hand in hand with the AICTE initiative is NIE’s drive towards research & innovation. The numerous Centres of Excellence at NIE, supported by National & International agencies, provide a rare opportunity for students to take part in real world research & development initiatives. NIE is ceaselessly working with the experts to ensure that its students are industry-ready and become invaluable members of society. The aspirations of the country, under the ‘Make in India’ campaign, can only be realized if our engineers apply appropriate, environmentally sustainable & contemporary technology to solve the problems of the industry and the local community.

I take this opportunity to wish all the best to the freshers, who are beginning their engineering journey at NIE and assure their parents & guardians that the Institute will not spare any efforts to make them capable engineers.