AICTE-IDEA (Idea Development, Evaluation & Application) Labs are being established across the country for encouraging students for application of Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fundamentals towards enhanced hands-on experience, learning by doing and even product visualization. As a common facility embedded in the institution, the IDEA Lab will make engineering graduates more imaginative and creative, besides getting basic training in the 21st century skills as identified by NASSCOM like- Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Design Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Lifelong Learning etc.

IDEA Lab will provide all facilities under one roof, for conversion of an idea into a prototype and these facilities will be available 24×7 in the campus. Students and faculty will be encouraged to take up creative work and in the process, get training on creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration etc. which conventional labs are not focusing on. This lab will focus on training students to become imaginative and creative and stay so at the workplaces they join.

Following are some of the objectives to setup IDEA Lab at NIE In collaboration with industries

  1. To Accelerate development of indigenous products to promote “Make In India” campaign
  2. To bridge gap between Concept, Product Development and its Commercialization
  3. To encourage aspiring Engineers and Researchers to actualize their ideas under one roof.
  4. To provide a platform to address the real-time societal issues and industrial challenges.
  5. To Impart multidisciplinary education and research among all stakeholders
  6. To promote experiential learning and entrepreneur skills
Vision for the IDEA Lab at NIE : 
  • To Develop a Sustainable Interdisciplinary Innovative Ecosystem Encouraging Students, Faculty, and other Stakeholders  to Develop Their Ideas Into Reality.

Alignment with National Initiatives/Technology Vision2035/SDGs/MSME/specific cross-section of society/any specialization:

  • The IDEA Lab will support in technological transformation in the sectors like education, water, energy, environment, transportation, infrastructure, manufacturing, materials, and ICT by nurturing the innovation culture
  • For budding innovators and start-ups, the lab will help in establishment of linkage between innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • The lab will provide a Platform for students and innovators to create Prototypes and commercialise the products.
  • MoUs will be signed by the Institute with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
  • Lab will support start-ups /MSME’s sectors for idea generation and to submit project proposal under start-up India schemes.
Dr.Rohini Nagapadma PRINCIPAL
Dr.Divakar Professor and Head, Dept of IP & Engg. Chief mentor
Dr. ImranM Jamadar, Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg. Faculty Coordinator
Dr. Anand A, Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engg. Faculty Co-coordinator