Exciting research articles, recognition in international forums, distinguished publications – here’s a look at some of the accomplishments of the Faculty members of the Department of Engineering Mathematics.

Journal Publication:
  1. M. R. Rajesh kanna, D. Mamta and R.S. Indumathi(2017): “Computation of Topological Indices of Triglyceride” , Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 13( 6) , 1631-1638.
  2.  R. Jagadeesh, M.R. Rajesh Kanna, D. Mamta, R. Pradeep Kumar(2016) : “Minimum Dominating Maximum Degree Energy of a Graph”, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, (13), 2850-2855, 
  3.  D.D.Somashekara and D. Mamta(2012): ” On the three variable Reciprocity Theorem and its Applications” ,The Australian Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications,  9 ( 1),  1-9. 
  4.  D.D. Somashekara and D. Mamta (2008): “On Some Identities of Ramanujan Found in his Lost Note Book” ,Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics, 16 (2),   171-180
  5.  S. Bhargava, D.D. Somashekara, D. Mamta(2007): “ A New Convolution Identity Deducible From The Remarkable Formula Of Ramanujan” , Taiwanese Journal of M,athematics , 11(2), 399-406.
  6.  Jozsef Sandor, D.D. Somashekara and D. Mamta (2007): “ On Some Arithmetic and Real Variable Functions”, Octogen Mat. Mag, 15(1),  63-73
  7.  D. Mamta and D.D. Somashekara(2006): “ Interesting Generalizations of the Additive Analogues of the Euler Minimum and Maximum Functions”, South East Asian J.Math.Sc. 4(2) 27-32,
  8. D. Mamta and D.D. Somashekara(2006): “ On Some Continued Fraction Expansions For The Ratios of 2 psi2”, Far East J. Math. Sci. (FJMS) 23 (1), 65-80.
Journal Publications
  1. Harsha S, Shubha Nagaraj (2020): “An analogy of a network to an elctrohydrodynamic fluid flow to analyze the energy required for transmitting a packet in a network susceptible to multiple failures” International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE), (9) 7.
  2. Shubha N, N. Rudraiah, K.W. Chow (2008): “Electrohydrodynamic stability of poorly conducting parallel fluid flow in the presence of transverse electric field”,  International Journal of Non-Linear mechanics (43), 643-649.
Conference Proceedings
  1. Rudraiah, N., Shubha, N., “Electrohydrodynamic Stability of Poorly  Conducting    Parallel Fluid Flows”, in the Proceedings of the International Symposium on “Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics”, pp 287,  2004. 
  2.  Rudraiah, N., Shubha, N., “Electrohydrodynamic stability of poorly conducting  parallel viscous fluid flow”, in the Proceedings of the International Conference  on “Frontiers in Fluid Mechanics (ICFFM-06)” pp 806, 2005. 
  3. Shubha, N., “Electrohydrodynamic  Stability of Poorly conducting Plasma in  the presence of Strong Transverse Electric Field.” Proceedings of Third   International Conference on Super strong Fields in Plasmas, pp 564, 2005.
  4. Flow modeling over inclined rectangular weir;  A new approach. Proceeding of Hydro 2010.
Journal Publications
  1. Shivarajkumar (2016): “Beyond Schur's Conjecture”, American Math. Monthly, (123), 66-70, (SCI).
  2. S M Hegde and Shivarajkumar(2016): “Further results on graceful digraphs”, International Journal of Applied and Computational Mathematics, (2), 315-325.
  3. S M Hegde and Shivarajkumar (2014): “On k-graceful digraphs”, Utitlitas Mathematica, (95), 161-173,  (SCI).
  4. S M Hegde and Shivarajkumar(2014): “On graceful unicyclic wheels”, ARS Combinatoria, (117), 47-64, (SCI).
  5. S M Hegde and Shivarajkumar(2013): “Two conjectures on graceful digraphs”, Graphs & Combinatorics,(29), 933-954 (SCI).
        Journal Publications:
        1. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2020): “Partition energy of some trees and their generalized complelements” TWMS J. App. and Eng. Math., 10(2), 521-531.
        2. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj, (2019): “Partition Laplacian energy of a graph” Palestinian Journal of Mathematics, 8(1), 272-284.
        3. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2018): “Partition energy of complete product of circulant graphs and  some new class of graphs”, Advanced Studies in Contemporary Mathematics., 28(2), 269-283.
        4. S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj (2016): “Partition energy of Amalgamation of Complete graphs and their Generalized Complements”, Indian J. Discrete Mathematics., 2(1), 18-36.
        5. E. Sampathkumar, S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya and M. A. Sriraj(2015): “Partition Energy of a graph”, Proc.Jangjeon Math. Soc., 18(4), 473-493.
          • Conference Proceedings
          •   S. V. Roopa, K. A. Vidya, Partition energy of graphs constructed using Complete graph and Cycles. Proc. National Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Sciences. Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru, (AMEAS-2016), ISBN No: 978-93-84935-77-1.