One of the policy decisions in the UGC XI Plan provides for establishing Career Guidance Cell in Colleges and Universities, which can be understood as a Centre assisting students in realizing their aptitudes/potential, training them to hone and supplement their aptitudes/potentials, match them with the available careers and bring in Companies to select them and place them. NIE for a long time has had a robust Training and Placement Cell which benefits the student immensely at a higher level. However, the work of Career Guidance Cell will precede the work of  Training and Placement Cell and will fill in the gap of helping the students to understand their potentials and matching them to appropriate careers available both in India and abroad.


The Career Guidance Cell (CGC) is established with the following main objectives:

1.    The students will be assisted in understanding their potentials. This can be accomplished through:

a) through psychometric tests specially designed for Engineering Students (such psychometric tests will clearly state the aptitudes and potentials in engineering with regard to each student)

b) the students can be counseled by the Faculty or Professionals to understand their potentials.

2.    To support studies to develop their potentials.

3.    To assist/counsel students to map to the available careers based on  their potentials, aptitudes and interests.

The broad careers after BE would mean higher studies (in India and abroad), entrepreneurship, Civil Services, Engineering Services, and other Services through competitive exams, Service in Armed Forces, Research Career (through a MSc research and culminating in a PhD) etc.

Activities under CGC

The above objectives will be supported through the following activities:

  1. Identify Professionals/Consultants to-
    1. carry out psychometric tests specially designed for Engineering Students.
    2. providecareer matching and professional counseling for the students.
  2. Formation of Clubs for GATE/Higher Studies/Civil Service Exams/Language Studies through e-registration. (All the students of NIE shall register through e-registration made available the NIE-CGC webpage; this will enable CGC to plan the activities for the year to set an excellent career for all NIE students; E-registration and the related modalities will be rolled out very soon)
  3. OrganizeCGlectures and workshops by:  
  1. Experts/Professionals from Companies
  2. Professors from IITs and IISc
  3. Professors/officials from Universities abroad especially with whom NIE has MOUs.
  4. Experts from Training Institutes like Brilliants Tutorials, GATE Forum etc.
  5. Alumni of NIE well placed in their careers. (To effectively make use of NIE Alumni Network, who have gone abroad for higher studies, to periodically motivate and guide our students)
    4. To organize higher study events by organizations like DAAD, Campus France etc.
    5. To provide a base for learning languages such as German, French, Italian, Russian etc.

Establishment of Clubs Under The Career Guidance Cell

a)    GATE club

b)    Higher Studies Club (India and Abroad)

c)    Civil Services/Competitive Exams Club

d)    Language Studies Club

e)    IT Industry Club

f)     Core Industry Club

Activities of the Club

Higher Studies Club:

  • Organizing coaching for GRE, TOEFL, GATE, CAT, IELTS etc., inside NIE campus by leading external organizations and internal resource persons.
  • Conduct Mock Tests for Higher Studies and various Competitive Exams among students to promote higher studies in India and Abroad.
  • Provide study materials for the higher study aspirants

Civil Services Exams Club:

  • Provides learning resources for aspirants of IAS, IFS, IPS, IES, IRS and various Defense Services etc.
  • Invite eminent speakers to interact with our students about Preparation for the exam, Scheduling study hours, Attending Exam & Interviews.
  • Manages peer enabled learning by planning time slot for sharing the knowledge etc..

Language Studies Club:

  • Organizes Foreign Language Programmes in German, French, Japanese etc., and Coaching Classes for Hindi and English Communication for the needy students.

Conducts the Training for Business English Certificate (BEC-Vantage) and arrange for the conduct of Computer based BEC Exam in the campus.

NIE Career Guidance Committee

For organizing and planning of activities of CGC, The NIE Career Guidance Committee will have the following as members:

  • Principal – Chairperson
  • CGC Committee Chairman
  • TAP Committee Chairman
  • TAP Officer
  • Dean (Student Welfare)
  • Department Level Coordinators
  • Student Level Coordinators

Names and contact details of Department Level Coordinators are as given below




Mr. K. G. Rajaram


Mr. G. Ramesh


Mr. C N Chinnaswamy


Dr. M. Mohan Ram



SatishaH M



Dr. M.V.Likith Kumar


Dr. P.N. Chandramouli









Names and contact details of the CGC Chairmanare  as given below




Dr.Yusuf Javeed