National Institute of Engineering Center for Incubation and Startup NIEISC provides an environment to translate knowledge & innovations to the creation of wealth and social value through successful entrepreneurs. As Sir M. Visvesvaraya once rightly said to either Industrialize or Perish, the NIEISC will be an inspiring organization in fostering entrepreneurship and nurturing technical startups.

 The Incubation center was set up with the potential to create startups focusing on economic growth, strategic value, and social relevance. The center supports innovative startups with access to knowledge, funding, infrastructure, mentoring, and network. The fact is that innovation is born out of community interaction and the freedom to learn and explore. Every aspirant will be allowed to explore their passion and build innovation in an inspiring environment.

The center is supported by an experienced faculty, a group of eminent entrepreneurs, and mentors delivering lectures on successful entrepreneurship .The Center also supports with workshops, case studies, and group discussions and in the process, the candidates will learn the dynamic journey of business development and know-how to survive in their early stage.


Creation of successful entrepreneurs through the translation of knowledge and innovation by a sustained environment breaking a disruptive technology to the market


NIEISC will create an ecosystem that will foster, promote innovation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship leading to people’s aspirations and local needs through financially successful ventures.

Thrust Area

Budding Entrepreneurs will explore vivid multiple domains to kick start their business ventures. Considering what society and nation future needs, NIE-ISC has opted the following verticals as its thrust area’s.

  • Mobility
  • Defense System
  • Health care
  • Smart Building
  • Energy
  • Cyber Security
  • Agriculture
  • Specialty Materials
  • Import Substitutions


Broomstick Cleantech LLP, participated in the The Big Tech Show 2023, which took place at Infosys Mysuru on November 2nd and 3rd, 2023. Broomstick Cleantech has achieved a remarkable milestone by being recognized as one of the top 3 emerging investment-ready startups from the Mysuru cluster. This prestigious recognition was bestowed upon them by the Honorable Minister, Sri Priyank Kharge.

The Ministry of Education, Government of India, introduced the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC 5.0) program for the academic year 2022-23, aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). We are pleased to announce that NIE actively participated in this prestigious program and achieved a commendable Four-Star rating, reflecting our substantial efforts in advancing the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Breakdown of the national-level statistics for the program:

Overall Performance:

Out of 3426 institutions, 142 have been awarded Four Stars nationally.

Regional Recognition (South West):

Among 488 institutes in the South West Region, NIE stands among the 17 institutions that have secured a Four-Star rating.

Private Aided/Unaided Institutions: Within the private aided/unaided category at the national level, 105 institutions out of 2291 have achieved Four Stars.

It is noteworthy that Four Stars is the highest rating conferred to any institute at the national level for the year 2022-23 under the IIC 5.0 program.

The Incubation center is well organized and it maintains high standards in all aspects of support to the incubatees. An added advantage is the availability of premium grade computer science students for the internships, which is a win-win situation for both students and the companies. NIE-Incubation & Startup Center leadership is catering to all incubatees very well with an excellent rapport.
Mr.Giridhar Balinga
Chief Executive Officer- VoyoGenius Labs
Entelika is immensely proud and thankful to be associated with NIE Incubation & Start-up Center. NIE I&SC facility not only allows a great launchpad to start-ups in Mysore, but it also equally encourages innovation and provides a collaborative environment that is essential for such ecosystems to survive and excel.
NagaSwetha D
Managing Partner - Entelika