NIE collaborates with partners across sectors to offer synergistic opportunities for engagement between academia, industry and business, whether the goal is research, recruitment, collaboration, employee education and training or other partnering opportunities.

Centres of Excellence

Building Fire Research Centre (BFRC) 

Since its inception in 2004, the Building Fire Research Centre (BFRC) has been conducting systematic research and training in testing materials, providing consultancy services on fire safety, and imparting short- and long-term training programmes on building fire research.

Centre for Energy Management & Testing Systems for Electrical Apparatus (CEMATEA) 

The Centre for Energy Management and Testing Systems for Electrical Apparatus (CEMATEA) was established in 2002 to provide technical services to industries and other organisations, and promote industry-institute interactions.

Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies (CREST) 

It takes ingenious and insightful minds to create futuristic solutions that help preserve our planet. The Centre for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Technologies (CREST), incepted as Centre for Appropriate Rural Technologies (CART), has taken giant strides to enable just this – giving shape to ideas and engineering solutions with real-world impact while leveraging technology.

Composite Fabrication and Testing Laboratory (CFTL) 

The Composite Fabrication and Testing Laboratory was set up to provide students with a training ground where they could develop and experiment with creating superior quality materials that address the need of the hour.

Centre for Workplace Safety and Health (CWSH) 

Raising the awareness of all connected with our hazardous industries such as construction and manufacturing, regarding the hazards that workers and other workplace personnel face during their work, resulting in injuries and death to persons, property damage, and other losses;

Centre for Materials Research (CMR) 

The Centre for Materials Research (CMR) set up in 2000 with funding from AICTE focuses on research pertaining to the processing and characterisation of composite materials on the basis of fatigue, wear, and machinability.

NIE-Eicher Centre for Automobile Technology (NECAT) 

The NIE-Eicher Centre for Automobile Technology (NECAT) was established in 2009 in collaboration with Volvo-Eicher to impart training on automobile technology to students, faculty members of engineering colleges, and industrial and vocational training institutes. 

Centre for Automation Technology (CAT) 

Established in 2014, the Centre for Automation Technology focuses on research and development, and supports Post-graduate students in their academic endeavours in industrial automation and robotics.

Centre for Research in Robotics & Control (CRRC) 

The Centre for Research in Robotics and Control (CRRC) was set up in 2014 with a view to focus on research and development in Advanced Robotics and Controls and train Post-graduate students in Industrial Automation and Robotics.

Centre for Nano-Technology (CNT) 

The Centre for Nano-Technology (CNT) incepted in 2011, convenes Physical, Chemical and Mechanical Sciences, and conducts focused research on cutting-edge technologies in addition to imparting knowledge to students.

CNC Training Centre (CNCTC) 

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Training Centre was established in 2006 through grants secured from the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program – I (TEQIP I), a World Bank and Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) initiative.

Centre for Water Resources (CWR) 

The Department of Civil Engineering with the support of grants from the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) established the Centre for Water Resources (CWR) in 1988 to conduct research in the fields of hydraulics and water resources and train students to undertake studies for real-world application.


To bridge the gap between academia and industry providing “Hands on” practical applications of key technologies. Build credibility.

To Provide world class training on cutting edge technologies across industry and business spectrums at an affordable cost to industries and corporate around Mysore

Siemens Technical Centre 

NIE - Siemens Technical Centre is an interdisciplinary, industry backed, centre focused on developing “Skill Excellence” for Industry. Through training and implementation of industry-relevant technology and processes, the centre aims to facilitate a multi-disciplinary learning environment across Technology, Engineering, and Science and Management faculties. I


This collaboration between NIE and IBM will focus on advancing AI research in the areas of Edge AI, Agriculture, and Smart Cities. The projects that would be taken up include Edge AI solutions, increasing crop yield using AI algorithms, and applying AI-based solutions to support safer transportation systems and better ways of managing traffic, among others.